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Week commencing Feb 26th 2018.
All lessons online due to school closure...

-- School resumes as normal on Sunday 4th March 2018 but please check emails  in case this date changes. --

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There are 2 sessions this week.

1 - Beginner Adults and Kids 7-11

2 - Teens and Adults

1. Beginner Adults and Kids 7-11

We need to start thinking about the concert on May 13th. Here are a few things to consider and run through, please make sure you have addressed each of the items below as we will discuss them next week in class.

  1. Of the songs you have already learned, which one would you choose to perform in the concert?
  2. Can you practice playing any of the songs you know, STANDING UP - how easy was this to do?
  3. Play all the way through a song you already know - TO THE ACTUAL SONG - any issues? Did you know the songs order 'off by heart'? 
  4. Is there a song you can’t play yet but you would like to learn for the concert?

2. Teens and Adults

If you have not yet given any thought to the concert, please go through the 4 questions in the 'Adult Beginners and Kids 7-11' section (above).

In addition, please run through the following:

  1. Imagine you have been booked to play the guitar on a recording session for Halo by Texas. Prepare at least 3 different guitar parts foreach section. Either look up the chords or work them out. The song is in the key of G major. Think about the kind of guitars parts you can layer over each other, the kind of effects you might want to take to the recording session and even what guitar you feel would work best. Remember - You are not trying to cover the song or even recreate the existing but to think about the chords, the chord tones (i.e. Major 7th) and create parts which outline these.
  2. Using the chords Am G and F, create three chord sequences which demonstrate 3 different musical styles or genres. You can play the chords in any order, use any voicing and use any extension (i.e. Am9).



Non School Days 


Lessons appear here which land on days when the school may be closed.

Bank Holidays, Public Holidays, Teacher on Tour, Etc...



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