Ages 18+
(in fact we go all the way up to 70 and beyond!)

Whether you already play or want to get started, let us take your playing to the next level. Working on the music and the Artists you love, we will increase your musicianship as well as your technical skills. You will also get the opportunity to interact and share ideas with other players, whatever you ability level.

Many of our adult students have been wanting to pick up a guitar for years but things always got in the way. Get in touch now and put this dream in to action! We are often asked "Am I too old to learn something new?" The answer is a very certain NO! In fact, we use the latest memory techniques and practice routines to not only save you practice time each day but to get your playing where you want it to be so much sooner than you ever thought possible.

All lessons are goal oriented and we regularly work towards performances although participation is optional. 

Lessons are based around our own curriculum and criteria which allows us (unlike the standard exam route) to measure the students progress while playing the music and songs they know and love at their own pace, whether that be faster or slower than the deadlines and pressure of exams allow.

Richard’s coaching skills have taken me from an aspiring songwriter (starting from scratch), to an accomplished guitar player with a few songs under my belt. His technical understanding of music and ability to answer endless questions has always impressed me. Coupled with a great understanding of people and excellent mentoring skills, his patience and encouragement has driven the best out of me. I can highly recommend him!
— Gordon Wright, 35, I.T. Manger.