Teens 7-11

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  • Does your child show an interest in music and you want to give their passion some direction?
  • Do they want to play the guitar like their favourite artists and music heroes?
  • Do you want to make sure their musical journey is given the very best start?
  • Do you want your child to be in a supportive learning environment with other likeminded people?
  • Would you like them to experience the wonder of music as well as develop an academic edge?

Learning any instrument needs to be fun and for our lessons this is our top priority. Special effort is made for these lessons to feel friendly, safe, nurturing and above all else... rewarding and fun.

All lessons are goal oriented and we regularly work towards performances although participation is optional. 

Lessons are based around our own curriculum and criteria which allows us (unlike the standard exam route) to measure the students progress while playing the music and songs they know and love at their own pace, whether that be faster or slower than the deadlines and pressure of exams allow.

Your guitar teacher will be fully trained and highly experienced in playing and helping others just like you to play the music you love and reach your goals quickly.

When your child learns to play the guitar with us, they can expect to:

  • Learn to play the music your love by your favourite bands and artists
  • Learn the secrets to songwriting and make their own music
  • See skills improve rapidly
  • Stay motivated and excited to play and practice their instrument
  • Gain life skills through music such as time management, listening and responding sympathetically to others, self esteem, planning and organising, developing trust in one's self.
  • Learn exactly how to practice and get the most out of your practice time
  • Regular opportunities to perform