School's Now Open!

An amazing week with lots of strumming and happy faces at the school on opening week.

It's wonderful to see so many folks coming together to enjoy playing the guitar.

Here are a few pictures of our Raffers hanging out and making music together...

If you want to get playing or improve your current skills, please visit our bookings page.

10 Years old a playing like a Boss!

A friend of Riff Raff's and someone we recently worked with is 10 year old blues guitar player Toby Lee. Since then Toby has gone from strength to strength... 

No only have Toby's videos been seen by millions of fans online (including a mighty recommendation by Joe Bonamassa) but he was invited to play at B.B. King's blues bar in Memphis

 Check out Toby's performance at the blues Club at:

Check out Toby's performance at the blues Club at:

Toby was also recently featured in TFI Friday

Toby has an amazing career in front of him. If you want some tips from Toby, stay tuned for news of the series of lessons we worked on with him for Epiphone Guitars....